3OH!3. Riot Fest Denver 2014.

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"I’m thinking maybe I can’t have relationships, ‘cause lately they’re not making any sense. And baby you’re the one thing on my mind, but that can change anytime"

— 3OH!3 - Double Vision (via cut-yourself-out-of-y0ur-skin)

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"Você tem algum link pra baixar essa versão de Don't Trust Me?" by Anonymous

É ótima né? Tenho sim, tenta baixar aqui

E se você quiser comprar o original, são 6 músicas por $5 aqui

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This version.

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Honestly I love 3OH!3’s Streets of Gold album a lot more than I probably should.

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What are your favorite 3OH!3 lyrics?
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Follow Me Down
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Alice In Wonderland
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"how old are you?" by Anonymous

I’m 18, my birthday is in December, how about you?

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I heard this song for the first time last night and have had it since stuck in my head. IT’S SO DAMN CATCHY! I keep finding myself wanting to shake my booty and I don’t know what to do to control this urge.

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